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Here are some photo's and plans of our journey, 'before' and 'after', and the progress from moving from Morton Terrace to Church Street, Gainsborough.

These images show the original shop layout and condition. The shop had a large open space with two smaller rooms at the rear of the premises.

Below is the original layout of the premises. The building itself is 18th century, hence the interesting angles of the walls!

After deciding on the layout, the first job was to get the builders in - M&R Builders. This involved putting in partition stud walls to create the shop area and corridor to the individual grooming rooms. Many walls were re-plastered and made good. We also put in a dedicated bath and drying area.

Plumbing and electrical work was also carried out to provide the facilities required.


The decorating involved painting all the new rooms inside the premises, and also the outside of the shop. You can see the transformation above and below. This work took many hours to complete, but was worth the end result.


The shop has large windows on each side of the entrance so we have created interesting displays, based of course on a 'doggy' theme and to advertise our products.


The plan below shows the new shop layout - quite a transformation!

 The finished shop. Quite a transformation from what existed before. We hope what we have done and achieved enhances the environment and area on Church Street. Comments from local people has been very positive.