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Products At Barkers Dog Grooming

At Barkers Dog Grooming we are developing a range of Dog Products for sale, from Pet Care Products to Pet Accessories. Unfortunately we are not currently able to sell online but the products are available for sale in the shop. Please feel free to come in to browse. We are expanding the range of products and we welcome our customers ideas about what they would like to see for sale in the shop. Email or tell us your thoughts!

Collars and Leads by 

We sell a range of quality handmade matching collars and leads that are made for Barkers Dog Grooming by Collarbone of Gainsborough.

Collars are made with plastic furnishings as standard, illustrated below. For a small additional price metal furnishings can be used instead, giving a different look and finish to the lead and collar set. Leads are made in the same materials and patterns as collars to make the perfect matching set. Leads attach to the collar with a strong and quality clasp that will keep your dog secure and safe when on the lead. The lead also has a metal disc to attach poo bag holders or other as required.

Customers are able to provide their own material/fabric which can be used to make your own custom made leads and collars, at no extra cost.

Collar - Extra Small (17-28cm)     ....     £7.00

Collar - Small (25-38cm)              ....     £8.00

Collar - Medium  (30.5-48cm)      ....     £9.00

Lead - Standard (122cm)                 ....     £8.00

Lead - Long (152cm)                       ....     £10.00

Collars with Metal furnishings         add £1.50

We will shortly be stocking an alternative range of leads and collars that are designed to be stronger for the larger dog.


After your pets groom at Barkers they will look and feel great. However in between grooms your pet will continue to need to be cared for to keep their coat in good condition and to smell fresh. We use Animology range of products to keep your pet looking, feeling and smelling great between grooms and you can purchase these too!

Dog Shampoo's, sprays and flea treatment - all £4.99


Representing excellent value, we sell a range of grooming sprays and perfumes for your pet to keep their coats in great condition, and  smell nice too! Only a very small amount of spray is needed to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean making these sprays great value for money.

250 ml Grooming Sprays - £10.00

50 ml Perfume Sprays  - £.6.00

Brushes and Combs

Keeping your dog well groomed between visits to the Salon not only makes for a happier pet, but also reduces the costs of the professional groom by ensuring the dogs coat is in as best condition as possible and reducing the amount of time taken to groom or cut the matts out. Matted coats can cause the pet a lot of distress, pain and discomfort to the pet.

Brush, medium ... £4.20

Brush, large ....  £5.05

Comb, one size   ....   £4.85

Therefore we sell some basic grooming brushes and combs that together with the Animology range of products will help the pet owner to maintain their pet looking and feeling at it's its best between grooms, and reducing your grooming bill!

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