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Our Services 

We provide a range of services, as shown below. If you don't see the service you need, phone or email and ask us and we'll happily discuss what your needs are and how we might meet them.

 Full Groom

  • Consultation
  • A hydrobath with specially selected shampoo to suit your dogs skin and coat type. Shower for larger dogs.
  • Brush and Blow Dry
  • Ears and eyes cleaned, nails cut if required, paws, sanitary areas and hair between pads will be cleaned and trimmed 
  • Removal of excess undercoat and brush out dependent upon the breed of your dog
  • Your dog will then be trimmed to your desired style which may include a scissor all over, clip and scissor or a clip down


& Dry

  • Consultation

  • A hydrobath with specially selected shampoo to suit your dogs skin and coat type.

  • Brush and Blow Dry

  • Trimming the sanitary areas and in-between paw pads, nail clipping and eye/ear care

 Bath/Shower & Brush Out

  • Consultation
  • A hydrobath with specially selected shampoo to suit your dogs skin/coat type
  • Brush out and Blow Dry
  • Eye and ear care, nails clipped as required


Many breeds are prone to matting and require daily brushing as a preventative measure. My services include a very small amount of de-matting if your pet will tolerate the experience. However, please be mindful that a clip down is advised for severely matted dogs.

We operate under the codes of the animal welfare act http://www.rspca.org.uk and lengthy de-matting sessions can be very painful and uncomfortable for your pet.

We will always seek your consent before clipping down your pet and explain how to avoid this in future. We want to work with you to achieve you ideal pet trim. This may take more than one grooming session.

Nail Cutting  

A nail clipping only service is available.


When booking your first appointment we will discuss with you the style requirements, whether you want breed standard or something to suit your lifestyle. We are happy to accommodate your requirements.

As is standard practice, we will require information from you as indicated below:

  • Owner name and contact details, including address and telephone details
  • Your Vet contact details and vaccination history
  • Health conditions and issues of the pet, previous and current, that are relevant
  • Behaviour and other considerations of your pets i.e. temperment, anxieties, socialisation issues etc.

For no fee, we are pleased to offer your pet the opportunity to visit the salon environment prior to booking an appointment. We would organise a mutually convenient time for the visit when no other customers pets are present.

Please take your time to read our Terms & Conditions.

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